Are You Ready for Dentures to Restore Your Smile?

Are you ready for a tooth restoration to replace missing teeth that may have been lost over time? Although there are many types of tooth replacements, including dental implants and bridges, only dentures are removable. Dentures are also easily replaceable should they become damaged. Although missing teeth may age your face due to a collapsed… Read more »

Protect Damaged or Broken Teeth with Dental Crown Therapies

Have your teeth been seriously damaged or broken due to an oral accident or injury? If you do have any teeth that have been damaged, it is vital to have them repaired as soon as possible. If left untreated, bacteria can seep into a tooth and damage the pulp. The pulp is the life source… Read more »

Bridge Your Way to Perfection

Do you have a missing tooth? Dr. Don Harvey might suggest a dental bridge. Here’s why: First of all, what is a dental bridge? It’s a fake tooth with two crowns on either side that go over the top of the teeth. A bridge is best matched for those with weak teeth. The crowns will… Read more »

Fight Your Halitosis and Freshen Your Breath by Doing These Things

Social, romantic and business situations can be stressful enough as it is. You don’t need bad breath making it even more stressful, right? Right. Unfortunately, bad breath, which is also known as halitosis, plagues many people in the world today. So, you’re not alone when it comes to suffering from stinky breath. Fortunately, there are… Read more »

A Dental Guard Can Protect Against the Damage of Bruxism

Bruxism is a dental condition used to describe the act of grinding your teeth on a regular basis when sleeping. This is often the result of untreated stress although allergies and other conditions can also be afoot. As the night grinding persists, the unnatural stress on your teeth can lead to other complications. This includes… Read more »

Preventing Gum Disease Starts with Good Oral Hygiene Habits

Periodontal disease is more commonly known as gum disease. This is a serious inflammation and potential infection of the gum tissues caused by poor oral hygiene complications. It needlessly afflicts the oral health of millions of Americans every year. Basic yet consistent oral hygiene habits are absolutely essential for the prevention of gum disease. Patiently… Read more »

Be Wary of Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer Symptoms

It might be surprising to hear, but oral and pharyngeal cancer are more prevalent than most people realize. In fact, research published by the American Dental Association found that each year one in 92 adults are diagnosed with some form of oral or pharyngeal cancer. While the average age of occurrence is 62 years of… Read more »

Oral Emergencies to Prepare For

Oral emergencies are accidents that happen to your mouth that require immediate attention. Staying calm and knowing what to do in a stressful situation such as an oral emergency is important to minimize damage and decrease your recovery time. Here are some oral emergencies you may face in your life and some tips on what… Read more »

Your Oral Hygiene May Be Exemplary, but Your Tooth Color May Need Work

Your oral hygiene may be exemplary, but your tooth color may need work. Luckily, the world is now flooded with a deluge of teeth whitening treatments. The difficulty now lies in separating the goods ones from the frauds. Many companies can easily pack together some harmful materials capable of bleaching your teeth, but in the… Read more »

Flossing Your Teeth Should Be on Your Daily To-Do List

If your oral hygiene habits list is devoid of flossing, make the change immediately to include dental floss as an everyday part of your life. The benefits of flossing come with no added risks and a guarantee of cleaning your teeth far better than you can with just brushing by itself. With time, you can… Read more »