Ozone therapy is fast becoming one of the safest and most effective treatment options used in dentistry and medicine today. Dr. Harvey uses ozone therapy (triatomic oxygen) to reduce the amount of bacteria trapped in teeth and gums, allowing fillings, crowns, and gingiva to last longer and stay healthier. Many patients have tension built up in their neck and back muscles from the grinding of teeth and see immediate relief from the use of ozone placed in appropriate trigger point locations. Ozone therapy provides immediate pain relief with no side effects.

Besides the treatment of cavities and gum disease, our ozone therapy in Alpharetta, Georgia, can also be used in root canal therapy and sensitive tooth treatment. Since root canal therapy involves the removal of infected tissues, ozone therapy is incredibly useful in sterilizing the root canal tubules. As for treating sensitive teeth, ozone therapy helps by hardening existing tooth structure. Another benefit of ozone therapy is that ozone is oxygen, so everyone can benefit from it without any negative side effects. Contact Dr. Harvey for a complimentary consultation to discuss how ozone therapy can improve your health and quality of life. Our dentist at Don Harvey Dental will be happy to help you.