Over time, teeth can stain and discolor from coffee, tea, red wine, sodas, or smoking. Today’s cosmetic whitening procedures are more convenient than ever, offering clinically proven whitening products to remove these old stains and lighten tooth discolorations, resulting in a whiter appearance. Our in-office teeth whitening services in Alpharetta, Georgia, offer you fast, safe results, often in as little as an hour.

Great results can be achieved in just a few steps:

  • 1. First, our team will check your starting shade using a tooth shade guide.
  • 2. We then cover your gums and soft tissues with a plastic coating material and apply whitening gel to your teeth.
  • 3. The gel is activated using a light specifically designed to interact with the gel ingredients to break through old stains inside the tooth.
  • 4. We repeat this process two to three times while you relax and watch television or listen to music.
  • 5. In about an hour, we remove the covering material and evaluate your new tooth shade. You will be given complementary custom whitening trays to maintain your new and improved smile.
  • 6. About once a month, you will wear at-home whitening trays for about an hour to keep your new whiter smile at its best.
  • 7. Routine cleanings are also an important part of keeping your smile white!

Achieve dramatic results in a short amount of time by trying our in-office whitening procedure. Be sure to ask about whitening and what it can do for your smile. Contact our dentist at Don Harvey Dental for a complimentary smile analysis.