You can gain a straighter, more beautiful smile more quickly than ever when you visit our dentist for instant orthodontics. We utilize cosmetic and restorative treatments at Don Harvey Dental which create a gorgeous, even smile. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Harvey if you want to receive instant orthodontics in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Do you have gaps between your teeth? Are your teeth slightly out of alignment or uneven? You may be a perfect candidate for “instant” orthodontics, which is not really orthodontics at all. This type of treatment provided by our dentist can be completed in a few visits, and is often more appealing to our patients who have limited time and do not want to pursue long-term orthodontic care. When otherwise healthy teeth are slightly crooked or have large spaces between them, we are able to angle and shape porcelain crowns or veneers in the correct context and alignment with the rest of your smile. This creates the aesthetic effect of a straighter, more even smile.

While many conditions can be corrected with this approach, some require traditional orthodontics. Our office also features Invisalign® clear appliances which can address many orthodontic conditions. Contact us today to schedule your smile analysis and talk about options to improve your smile!