Lipotropic compounds interact with fat metabolism by either hastening the removal or decreasing the amount of fat in the liver. Due to their fat metabolizing qualities, they’re used in a non-invasive type of weight loss treatment in the form of injections. The injections are used to dissolve fat in parts of the body that may appear to be less responsive to exercise, such as the stomach, inner thighs, and buttocks. Vitamins B6 and B12 are often used in the injections, but other compounds used include inotisol, choline, and methionine.

If you are considering using lipotropic injections as part of your weight loss regimen, it’s important to understand their function, effectiveness, and side effects. The effects of lipotropic injections are temporary, so they must be administered regularly by your health care provider. Common side effects that you may experience include tenderness at the injection site, upset stomach, and lethargy. Be sure to keep in mind that this procedure is supplemental to healthy weight loss habits. Exercise, a healthy and balanced diet, adequate rest, and good habits are the best way to achieve weight loss. If you think that you need to receive a B12 lipotropic injection in Alpharetta, Georgia, then contact our dentists and your family physician. Dr. Harvey and Dr. Choy will be happy to provide this service at Don Harvey Dental.