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Did you know, a small dental crown can be used to improve your oral health and the appearance of your smile? It’s true! Having a beautiful smile in many cases can be made a reality through the use of a dental crown. Dental crowns also have the power to restore your oral health too. Dr. Don Harvey Dental with Don Harvey Dental in Alpharetta, Georgia, understands the many reasons to choose a dental crown and how it can boost your oral health and smile.

In a nutshell, dental crowns are proposed to restore, protect, or act as a tooth. If your smile suffers from tooth sensitivity often, an oddly shaped or discolored tooth, or extensive dental erosion, a dental crown can be used to make it appear healthy in both shape and size. Dental crowns can also work to keep a broken tooth together or by protecting your tooth if a filling is too large or weak to hold.

If you have a dental implant, a dental crown can be used to complete the restoration of your oral health, making your implant appear as a natural tooth. Dental crowns have many different ways they can be used and with a long history of success. That is why your dentist may be recommending this course of action for your smile restoration.

As you can see, dental crowns are versatile in many ways, which could benefit any number of your particular needs. If you have more questions about dental crowns, please call us today 770-343-6565. We look forward to assisting your smile.