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To keep out cavities, you want to brush and floss your teeth daily. But there are times when you can’t get all the debris out of the fissures and grooves of your teeth, especially the ones in the back of the mouth that are harder to reach. These molars, used for chewing the bulk of your food, have uneven surfaces that allow plaque and food residue to hide.

That is why our dentist, Dr. Don Harvey Dental may use dental sealants to help protect those teeth, especially for those who are cavity prone. This thin protective coating is used to prevent cavities from forming on your molars. They can even be used to halt the early stages of tooth decay.

For children, this is a tooth’s lifesaver. They have been proven to lower the risk of tooth decay by almost 80% in the molars! This is why the Centers for Disease Control encourages dental sealants for vulnerable patients because school-age children who do not have dental sealants have nearly three times more cavities than their counterparts with sealants.

Sealants keep out food particles, oral bacteria, and the acids that create holes in the teeth leading to cavities. Both children and adults can get sealants. The simple process of applying sealants is done after the tooth has been cleaned and dried. An acidic gel applied on the tooth to “roughen up” the surface so that the sealant can effectively bond to the tooth. Next, the gel will be rinsed off, the tooth dried, and finally, the sealant will be placed onto the grooves of the tooth. To complete the process, A blue light will be used to harden the sealant.

The sealant will last for several years and can be checked when you come into our Don Harvey Dental practice for routine cleanings. They can be reapplied as necessary. If you would like to know more about dental sealants, we invite you to call 770-343-6565 to schedule a visit to our practice in Alpharetta, Georgia.