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When it comes to oral health, there are dos and there are don’ts. You probably know many things about the “dos”. Today, Don Harvey Dental would like to tell you about those tooth hazards that you’ll want to avoid in order to have a strong, long-lasting smile.

Avoid plaque. Plaque is that white sticky film that clings to the surfaces of your teeth. If it isn’t removed, it can cause cavities and even gum disease—two common and serious dental issues.

When it comes to the food you eat, avoid foods high in sugar, starch and acid. Sugar feeds bad bacteria in your mouth, helping the plaque to multiply. Starch clings to your teeth, promoting tooth decay. Acid eats away at your tooth enamel. Instead, stick to tooth-healthy foods rich in calcium, water and phosphorus.

Avoid high-risk activities and contact sports where your mouth is not properly protected. If you play sports regularly or go on adventures in the wilderness, wear a mouth guard. Should any accidents occur, your teeth will thank you for it.

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