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Are you ready for a tooth restoration to replace missing teeth that may have been lost over time? Although there are many types of tooth replacements, including dental implants and bridges, only dentures are removable. Dentures are also easily replaceable should they become damaged. Although missing teeth may age your face due to a collapsed facial structure, the fullness of your face can be restored, thanks to dentures.

Dentures are highly effective tooth replacement treatments that can be used for a single tooth or many. Partial dentures can be crafted for a few teeth, whereas complete denture sets can be used for entire rows of teeth. No matter your needs, dentures may be able to assist you and your oral health care needs for a better smile and a better life.

Dentures are removable and easy to clean. Every night, simply place your dentures in plain water or a dentist-approved cleaning solution. Not only will dentures restore most functions from missing teeth, they will improve your self-esteem and remove many of the food restrictions that lost teeth come with.

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