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Bruxism is a dental condition used to describe the act of grinding your teeth on a regular basis when sleeping. This is often the result of untreated stress although allergies and other conditions can also be afoot. As the night grinding persists, the unnatural stress on your teeth can lead to other complications. This includes chips, dental fractures, and potential orthodontic complications.

Without remediation or some other preventative measures, the muscular tension caused by bruxism can lead to inflammation in the temporomandibular joints that hinge your jaw. The chronic ache and complications of TMJ disorder can have a significant impact on your oral function and can potentially impact your quality of life.

If you continue to struggle with resolving the cause of your bruxism, Dr. Harvey or Dr. Choy can help prevent damage and further complications by fitting you for a dental guard. This soft, plastic mouthpiece allows some slip between your teeth. It helps reduce tension when clenching the jaw while offering padding to prevent chips and fractures in the tooth enamel. The custom fit improves comfort to help you sleep soundly.

If you live in the Alpharetta, Georgia, area and you grind your teeth at night on a regular basis, you should call 770-343-6565 to schedule a dental guard consultation with Dr. Harvey or Dr. Choy.